Peru – Wall Art

The Short Bit

Day: 16, 17 & 18 March.

Activities: Painting (walls not canvases), trip to Baranca.

Highlight: Baranca.

Panpipe song of the day:  Yellow – Coldplay.

Mood: Relaxed, inspired, eager to paint again (canvases not walls).

Learning: There’s a lot of satisfaction in completing a simple task.

Hashtag: #makeyourworldcolourful #arthasmanyfaces.


The Long Bit

Today the centre was closed so the volunteers were given tasks focused on improving the Los Martincitos site.  Myself and two other girls opted to paint what we thought was going to be a mural but turned out to be 4 walls, in yellow-magnolia.

It was actually really enjoyable to get stuck in and get our hands dirty and this room certainly provided plenty of opportunity to get completely filthy.  Once we’d completed the painting we managed to persuade Tonny (the centre manager) to let us get a tiny bit creative…..  Not exactly Picasso, but it brightens up the room and the sentiment is true to Los Martincitos :

‘Porque no tenemos nada, lo haremos todo’‘Because we have nothing, we will make everything’

painting chicas

Mid afternoon, a few of us headed into Baranca, a coastal town near to our Surco homebase.  With its stunning plaza, beach, live music , art and relaxed atmosphere, I think I’ve found home 🙂

On the walk down to the beach, several murals with amazing detail, colour and concepts adorn the walls.  Bit more creative than our Los Martincitos graffiti!

graf2graf1graf 3

Wall art has many faces in Peru and in Via El Salvador political and anti-political parties plaster available walls with candidate names (18 in total) and messages for the upcoming elections in April.  It does add a bit of colour to the grey desert dust bowl, although what happens once the elections are over is a mystery.

anti est

My days in in Surco and Via are finally up and as the volunteering experience ends, I have a lot of reflecting still to do.   Heading to Cusco tomorrow to start the ‘ME’ part of my journey and the trek, which will give me some space to process all the sights and sounds of the last two weeks.  I’m really excited and a tiny bit scared for everything Cusco has to offer, including some tasty (?) guinea pig.

So I finish this post in the place that I started, La Parc De Amistad watching a gorgeous sunset over Lima.

Hasta manyana (or the next day, or the next day..depending on when I next have wifi)




9 thoughts on “Peru – Wall Art”

  1. Wow Gemma, busy day. Now for the trek…. You will take this in your stride. Sounds like the challenges you have faced in the last fortnight will make the trek seem a walk in the park. Lots of time to reflect and stunning views. Enjoy your me time ❤️💛💚💙💜

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  2. Hey lady, some of those murals are amazing … Your magnolia wall is quite impressive to 😉. Can’t believe his part is over already! Enjoy your me time and the trek 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Gemma, what a great 2 weeks you have had. An adventure you will remember for the rest of your life! I really loved reading all your stories. Enjoy the coming week and your ME time. Liefs Charlotte


  4. In amongst so much poverty there is such beauty. How privileged you are to have seen and experienced this and how privileged they have been to meet my beautiful daughter! Enjoy the rest of your time in Peru and the history you are yet to witness. Absorb the spirit of the Incas and the beauty in the world 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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