Peru – Home?

The Short Bit

Day:  End of March.

Activities: Spending time with friends, thinking (a lot).

Highlight: Beautiful words sent to me from new and old friends.

Song of the day: Are you what you want to be? – Foster the People

Mood: Perplexed, scared-excited and a little bit lost.

Learning: Small changes drive big progress.  I have some amazing people in my life.

Hashtag:  #nogoingback #keepthemomentum  #kindnessisking


The Long Bit

OK, I know, I know… I officially signed off ‘Peru – The long & short of it’, but I’m now suffering from blog addiction and in the days since I’ve been back the wealth of lovely feedback I’ve received from my new and old friends has been amazing and inspired me to continue.

A trip ends, but the journey continues and it’s been harder to come back to my life as it was, than I imagined it would be.  Peru and all the experiences it threw at me opened my mind, but have also made me question a lot of my life as it is.  It’s exciting for what the future holds but also a bit of a mind-scramble.

The experiences shared with other volunteers in Peru creates a strong bond within a short space of time and I am so grateful for some of those very special people I was lucky enough to share it with.  Friendships that I hope will go the distance across the distance (with the added bonus of additional holiday destinations to visit).

Those of you who know me, know that I am a sensitive soul and although I’m sure that explains part of the post-trip blues, having spoken to others on this or similar trips, many have experienced feelings of confusion and difficulty in settling back in.  ‘Settling’ in itself is a scary thing – that lessons learned and insights gained might fade away as normal life creeps back in, is not something I want to happen.  I’m determined to ensure this experience drives a change so bare me with while I figure out what that looks like.  I feel different but am not quite sure what different means yet!

So I write this blog, not to depress you all or be self-indulgent, but to hopefully resonate with others who shared this experience so we can all feel more normal about ‘not feeling normal’ and to prepare those of you closer to me to expect some weird and unpredictable behaviours over the next few weeks (yes, I’m making my excuses now!).

It’s an unsettling time BUT a time to keep up the momentum of change that has already been set in motion.  Just as soon as my little brain manages to shape the large amount of head noise into something more tuneful that will set the tone for ‘Future Gemma’.

This is the end of the Peru blog now (I promise), BUT ‘Through my eyes’ is going to continue to feed my addiction and give me an outlet to present my perspective on a whole heap of other things.  So, if you’re prepared for more ramblings and public display of the inner workings of my head,  watch this space…:)


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